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Zvirus-gen – Generate Virus in Termux

Generate Virus in Termux. Z Virus is a Collection of Ready Made Viruses which you can send to your victim using link. Those who don’t know how to use VCRT, VBug or VBug Map.


What does z Virus Actually do?

Well Z Virus is a Collection of ready made Viruses. In other Virus Generator tools like let’s say vbug, or vcrt. It generate apk virus and you have to manually send it to your victim. However in Z Virus All you have to do is to send the link to your victim and make the victim download the virus.

Install this first:


apt-get install git -y


pkg install git -y


apt install git -y

How to install Zvirus-gen

git clone https://github.com/ZechBron/zVirus-Gen
cd zVirus-Gen
chmod +x setup.sh

How to Run



bash zVirus

How to update



bash update.sh



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