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WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

WH-RAT is the best tool compared to other tools because it will have to support both android and windows to create a RAT payload. The WH- RAT software is designed to control victim device to remote access through WAN

This RAT tool has a fabulous user interface and is also very user frindlely. This tool has to create more payloads and trojans

System Test

  1. Windows 11 [ Recommended System ]

  2. Windows 10 [ Recommended System ]

  3. Windows 8.1

  4. Windows 8

  5. Windows 7

How to download and install the Wh-RAT Tool?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the WH-RAT remote access trojan tool so click the below download button

Step 2:

Now extract the Zip file and execute the exe file to your windows. Then click on the “Install” Button

WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

Now Click on the “next” button and proceed

install the rat tool

Then Select the installation folder, click on “everyone” and go ahead.

installed folder

Step 3:

Now the installation was completed so we will set up the server-side connection by clicking on the “Start” button.

WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

Step 4:

After that click the “Builder” option to choose which payload you want to make android or windows

WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

Step 5:

After choosing the payload now you want to provide your IP address and port number to listening

WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

Step 6:

Now The payload was successfully generated then share that payload with your victim

WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

Step 7:

If that victim click your payload means you will get the session

WH-RAT – Remote Access Trojan

Step 8:

Now you can control your victim device remotely with lot’s of options

remote access


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