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Use ShonyDanza tool for pen testing

ShonyDanza – Shodan is a search engine that’s collected information on internet connected devices. Shodan is one of the powerful tool for security researchers, penetration testers, hackers, and network defenders.

The ShonyDanza  makes using Shodan even easier by providing simple menus, query-building help, and configurable options for the user.

The features of ShonyDanza is:

  1. Obtain IPs based on search criteria

  2. Automatically exclude honeypots from the results based on your pre-configured thresholds

  3. Pre-configure all IP searches to filter on your specified net range(s)

  4. Pre-configure search limits

  5. Use build-a-search to craft searches with easy building blocks

  6. Use stock searches and pre-configure your own stock searches

  7. Check if IPs are known malware C2s

  8. Get host and domain profiles

  9. Scan on-demand

  10. Find exploits

  11. Get total counts for searches and exploits

  12. Automatically save exploit code, IP lists, host profiles, domain profiles, and scan results to directories within ShonyDanza

How to install and use ShonyDanza?

Step 1:

First of all we need to download the “shonyDanza” tool so execute the below command in your terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/fierceoj/ShonyDanza.git
download pentesting tool

Now change the directory with “cd” command

change the directory

Step 2:

Now we need to install the requirements of “shonydanza” tool so run the below command in your terminal

					pip install -r requirements.txt
install the requirements

Step 3:

After completing the above steps run the following command then it will ask shodan api. go to create shodan developer account and copy paste api in your terminal

					python3 shonydanza.py
put the api key

Once you paste the Api key in your terminal just press enter key

Use ShonyDanza tool for pen testing

Search for IPs

Choose option 1 from the main menu and choose option 4 to use your own Shodan search, or another option if suitable for your purposes. The build-a-search option helps the user build a search using a combination of some of the other search options. In my example, I’ve selected option 4 to use my own search to look for “200 OK vxworks”, which shows systems using VxWorks that return a 200 OK response

Use ShonyDanza tool for pen testing
Use ShonyDanza tool for pen testing

The IP results will print to the screen, and the tool will ask whether you want to save the IP list.

Use ShonyDanza tool for pen testing

Get Host profile

Let’s return to the main menu and get a host profile of one of the IPs. Choose one of the IPs from your results and get the host profile using option 5 from the main menu. The host profile will return basic host info

get host information


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