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USB cleaver – advanced hacking app for android

USB Cleaver is an advanced hacking app that you can use by mounting an Android smartphone to a computer and running the file from sdcard’s root. Using this tool, a security researcher can target and spot vulnerabilities in Windows 2000 or higher computers. Further, one can run the hacking APK silently and conceal any kind of network activity.




  • Dump System Information
  • Dump IE Passwords
  • Dump Chrome Passwords
  • Dump Firefox Passwords
  • Dump Wifi Passwords


Allows you to select the payloads you want to use


  • Android version 5.0 and above
  • Root must

Feature payload

  • Dump Network Services
  • Dump Port Scan
  • Dump Product Keys
  • Dump Mail Passwords
  • Dump Windows Update List
  • Install Silent VNC
  • Dump LSA Secrets
  • xCopy files “documents”, “pictures”, etc….

How to Download and use

  • Download and install APK
  • Accept Disclaimer & Download Payloads
  • Go to “enable / disable payloads” to generate payload file
  • mount android to PC and run go.bat from root of SDcard (if android 2.1 and before Autorun.inf is generated, click on drive icon and will run payload)

Download apk



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