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Track location by phone Gps

with this method, all location details send to your mail address

Track location – In the past, everyone used mobile phones without GPS so it was very difficult to accurately calculate one’s location, but now our technology has grown to the point where we can not see anyone without a smartphone.

And all smartphones have GPS so we can easily find out one’s location accurately. There are many ways to do this but we are going to look at the phishing method because this method is very simple.

If you are a Termux and Linux user, GitHub has a lot of location tracking tools. But in this post, we are going to look at how to find someone else’s location without the help of Termux and Linux.

Method 1: Track location with covid19 phishing template

It is very important to persuade the target in the phishing system to click on the phishing link that we can send. Therefore, the target must be sent along with the phishing link. Since it is a pandemic period everyone will be interested to know the news about it so this template will be captivating to your target.

First, you need to download the location tracking tool. For that, press the download button given below and download the zip file.

After extracting the downloaded zip file, open the script mail.php and type your mail address under the text enter your mail address. By doing so, after clicking on the phishing link that you can send, all the details about their location will come to your mail.

Track location by phone number
Output for editing the mail address

Now go to the 000webhost site and create your free account and upload the location tracking script you downloaded in its root directory (public_html).

Track location by phone number
Output for uploading the phishing page

Now send the 000webhost website link you created to your victim and your victim will appear as shown in the image below after clicking on the link you sent.

Track location by phone number
Output for victim view

Once your target clicks on the link you sent, location information about your target will come to your mail. If not, create a file called log.txt in the root directory of your 000webhost site. You can find out by opening it.

Output for get victim details
Track location by phone number
output for getting mail

Method 2: Track location with an online tool

There are many tools online to track location via GPS, all of which are the same, so let me tell you the best one.

Online tools all work the same way, how? This online tool also does not track location but grabs IP address. The IP address of all the devices will record the location when GPS is on. We can know the place so recorded.

Now open the grbify website on your device. Then paste the URL of the image or website you want to target into the box below the text Create or Track URLs and press the create URL button.

Track location by phone number

Now that you have a new URL, send that URL to your target

Track location by phone number
Output for making a link

After your target click on the link you sent you will get information about their IP address and device.

Track location by phone number
Output for getting target details

Once you have your targeting IP address, you can use the IP lookup online tool to find out the exact location of the target.

I hope this post was very helpful to you and I want to share this post with your friends too. If you have any doubts about this post you can ask me through the command section.


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  1. Hello, I’ve tried to clone a page to do phishing but I am not getting the logs, could you help me with this? I can Donate if I get help : D

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