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Top Best Google Dork commands

 Hello guy’s, Welcome to another article, In this article i’m going to show you some google hacking techniques so read till end.

What is google dork?

A Google Dork, also known as Google Dorking or Google hacking, is a valuable resource for security researchers. For the average person, Google is just a search engine used to find text, images, videos, and news. However, in the world. but if you find any particular image, video, txt, pdf files,news..etc this google dork help you.

Popular google dork commands

#1 Cache

Cache is the most useful dork command this dork will show you the cached version of any website for example just you type this below command in google search engine.



What is cache?

Google takes a snapshot of each web page as a backup in case the current page isn’t available. These pages then become part of Google’s cache. If you click a link that says “Cached,” you’ll see the version of the site that Google stored.

If the website you’re trying to visit is slow or not responding, you can use the cached link instead.

#2 allintxt

Allintxt is one of the best dork command i thing because some time’s we need to find specific txt contain topic if we search google these give more results so this dork command help you to find easily.
For example you just type this below command

allintxt:(your word’s)


#3 filetype

Filetype is used to search for any kind of file extensions, for example, if you want to search for any username and password files you can use

allintxt:(your txt) filetype:(your extension)

#4 intitle

used to search for various keywords inside the title, for example, intitle:index of tools will search for titles beginning with index of can be somewhere else in the page.

intitle:”index of” inurl:ftp


#5 link

This dork will show the list of web pages that have links to the specified URL for example.

link:(your link)


#6 site

will show you the full list of all indexed URLs for the specified domain and subdomain for example

site:( your site name)


Download part 1

Download part 2


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