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Top 10 best termux phishing tools

In this article I’m going to show you top 10 termux phishing tool. Lot’s of phishing tools are there in termux. If you use termux means you can try all these phishing tool’s to hack your victim social media username and password.

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1. Weeman termux phishing tool

This tool can make mostly all biggest website to http phishing page.This tool make python language and this tool mostly used for DNS spoofed attack ( see dsniff, ettercap). before installation you must check requirements.


Nero phishing server This tool clone any website at a phishing page if you make any phishing page definitely you should know HTML programming or any other language but if you use this tool you can easily make any website as a phishing page.

Top 10 termux new phishing tool

mrphish is a bash based script which is officially made for phishing social media accounts with portforwarding and otp bypassing cntrole. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device

Top 10 termux phishing tools

nexphisher is an automated phishing tool made for termux & linux . This tool has 40 phishing tool templates of 30 websites. there are 5 port forwarding options are there including localhost.

nexphisher phishing tool for termux

Hacklock is a bash based script which is officially termux from this tool in just one click you can generate pattern phishing tool which can hack victim android mobile password and. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device.

Hacklock_password hacking phishing tool

Concept behind Seeker is simple, just like we host phishing pages to get credentials why not host a fake page that requests your location like many popular location based websites.Seeker Hosts a fake website on In Built PHP Server and uses Serveo to generate a link which we will forward to the target, website asks for Location Permission and if the target allows it, we can get

top 10 termux phishing tools

Lot’s of tools available in web but if you use that tools so many procedure there at the same time errors also came. This tool very easy to use and sent lot’s of mails from different templates.


This tool have more option’s specifically for Facebook once your victim click your link and type any data you will get all information on your terminal.

new termux hacking tool for 2021

loard Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. It occurs when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message.

loard phish

From the previous tools are create some other person so they can delete any time so if you need phishing page you will create. in this section you will learn how to create phishing page.

Top 10 new termux phishing page



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