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The best Fast google Dork scanner

The OSINT project, the main idea of which is to collect all the possible Google dorks search combinations and to find the information about the specific web-site: common admin panels, the widespread file types and path traversal. The 100% automated.


  • Android version 5.0 and above
  • Termux application
  • Git package


  • Update up-to date
  • Git package


  • Get all subdomains
  • Get admin login panel
  • Get widespread file types
  • Get path traversal
  • 100 % automated

How to download and use Google dork scanner

Step 1:

First you download “Fast google dork scanner” package in your terminal so type this below command.

git clone https://github.com/IvanGlinkin/Fast-Google-Dorks-Scan.git

Step 2:

Now open the “Fast-Google-Dorks-Scan” folder in your terminal so type this below command.

cd Fast-Google-Dorks-Scan

Step 3:

Now give permission to read, write and execute of “FGDS.sh” bash script so type this below command in your terminal.

chmod +x FGDS.sh

Step 4:

Now just type this below command to find your victim website detail’s

bash FGDS.sh (website name)




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