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Termux wifi hack script

Termux Wi-Fi Password Stealer

Termux wifi hack script – In this post, we will see how to steal a wifi password using termux. If it is possible to attack wifi by packet injection method using termux, it is definitely not possible so we will use the phishing method.

It is very difficult to find passwords using this phishing method in termux because our victims will not type usernames and passwords easily. This is how you can use deauthentication method in Linux to make the victim type username password easily, I have post all the wifi tutorials for Linux, you can go to the tutorial section.

Termux wifi hack script

To download the termux wifi hack script you type the below command in your termux.

					git clone https://github.com/Err0r-ICA/WiFishing.git
Output for downloading the wifishing tool

After you download the wifishing tool type the following command in your termux and change the directory.

					cd WiFishing
Output for changing the directory

Now open a new session in your termux.

Output for open new seesion

Now run the ngrok tool in the new session you have opened and generate the link. If you don’t know how to run ngrok in termux read this post.

Output for running the ngrok tool

Now go back to the previous session and run the below command.

					php -S localhost:8080
Output for running the wifishing tool

Now send the ngrok link you created to your victim, your victim will click on the link that you can send and it will appear to them as shown in the below image, in which they will type username and password which you will know through your termux.

Output for victim view phishing page

How to be safe?

If you want to protect yourself from this type of phishing attack, you should not type the username and password that is asked online because no online platform asks for your wifi password.


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