Homesocial media hackTermux WhatsApp chat link generator

Termux WhatsApp chat link generator

Phish your friends and force them to say something you want to someone once shortened.

Hello, in this post we are going to see about the whatsapp chat link generator tool called wachat, which is created using this bash script.

How this tool works, we are going to use wachat tool to create a link with a message and then we are going to send that link to our friends. When our friends click on the link sent in that way, the message we input will come to us from their WhatsApp.

This is not a hacking tool but purely a prank tool. You can easily prank your friends by using this tool.

Install whatsapp chat link generator on termux

First we need to download the tool called wachat to our termux so copy and paste the command given below in your termux.

					git clone
Termux WhatsApp chat link generator
Output for downloading the wachat tool

Now change your directory to WAchat folder, so execute the following command on your termux terminal. 

					cd WAchat
Termux WhatsApp chat link generator
Output for changing the directory

Now give permission to read, write, and execute of Wachat bash file so run the below command

					chmod +x WAchat
Termux WhatsApp chat link generator
Output for giving the permission

After completing the above, run the bash file named wachat with the following command.

					bash WAchat
Termux WhatsApp chat link generator
Output for executing the bash script

After running the bash script, type your phone number and whatever message you want your friend to send to you and press enter to generate a link, copy that link and send it to your friends.

Output for generating link

I hope you find this post very useful and if you have any query you can ask me through command section below.


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