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Termux downloader BASH2mp4

  Hello guy’s in this article i’m going to show you How to download social media video’s & status without any application.

What is bash2mp4?

Bash2Mp4 is a tool to Download Videos.This tool can Download Videos from more than 20 sites.This Tool is created for Educational Purpose only.


  • An android device with android version 5.0 and above.
  • Termux application
  • Internet

If you download the termux application means run the termux app.First we are going to update the package list so type this blow command.

apt update

Step 1: 

After updating package’s list we will install git package this git package will help you to clone the package.

pkg install git

Step 2: 

After installing the git package we are going to clone the BASH2MP4 package into our directory with the help of git commaand.

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/bash2mp4

Step 3: 

Now we have BASH2MP4 folder in our termux root directory now we need to open that folder following commands.

cd bash2mp4

Step 4: 

Now we need to give the permission of read-write and execute to the BASH2MP4 java script by using this below command.

chmod +x setup.sh

Step 5: 

After that you need to run the following in order to run the BASH2MP4.

bash setup.sh

 Step 6:

After we run setup.sh file we get 3 options to choose extension. after choosing the extension we will get another 3 option’s to choose resolution. choose which you want after that that file download automatically 


Downloading file will store sdcard/B2MP4/MP4



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