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TBomb SMS And Call Bomber For Linux And Termux

Hello, the guy’s in this article we are going to discuss how to execute and use the TBomb tool in termux and Linux. TBomb is one of the best tools for prank your friends and sent spoofed SMS and calls.

TBomb SMS And Call Bomber For Linux And Termux

What is TBomB?

Tbomb is a python tool this tool helps you to SMS and call bomber for unix and termux.


  • Over 15 integrated messaging and calling APIs included with JSON
  • Unlimited (with abuse protection) and super-fast bombing with multithreading
  • Possibility of international API support (APIs are offline)
  • Flexible with the addition of newer APIs with the help of JSON documents
  • Actively supported by the developers with frequent updates and bug-fixes
  • Intuitive auto-update feature and notification fetch feature included
  • Recently made free and open-source for community contributions
  • Modular codebase and snippets can be easily embedded in another program


    1. The application requires active internet connection to contact the APIs
    2. You would not be charged for any SMS/calls dispatched as a consequence of this script
    3. For best performance, use single thread with considerable delay time
    4. Always ensure that you are using the latest version of TBomb and have Python 3
    5. This application must not be used to cause harm/discomfort/trouble to others
    6. By using this, you agree that you cannot hold the contributors responsible for any misuse


Check your Python version by typing the following command in your termux and linux.

python –version

If you get the following

Python 3.8.3

or any version greater than or equal to 3.4, this script has been tested and confirmed to be supported. For obsolete versions (eg 2.7), use discretion while executing the script as it has not been tested there.

How to install linux?

Git installation methods are not universal and are likely to differ between distributions so installing Git as per the given instructions below may not work. Please check out how to run this for your Linux distribution here. Commands below provide instructions for Debian-based systems.

Ruuning TBomb.sh as sudo miscofigures files ownership. It is recommended not to run it as sudo

Running the following termux command to clone and run Tbomb.

How to install Termux?

Type this following command one by one in your terminal to download and run Tbomb tool

pkg install git -y

pkg install python -y

git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git

cd TBomb




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