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how to take 3d photos with an android phone

If you’re wondering whether you can take 3D images with your Android, the answer is yes! Capturing 3D photos on an Android smartphone is simple, but you must have the appropriate applications installed.

Although 3D camera applications for Android cannot take 3D photographs, they can convert 2D images into 3D images. In fact, an app for Android is available that can shoot 3D images using your smartphone’s default camera.

How to Take 3D photos on Android

As a result, if you want to capture 3D images on your Android, this method may come in handy. We’ve compiled a list of the top Android apps for taking 3D photos. 

Step 1) To begin, download and install Phogy, 3D Camera on your Android device.

how to take 3d photos with an android phone

Step 2) After installing the app on your smartphone, start it.

how to take 3d photos with an android phone

Step 3) It will now provide some preliminary guidelines for shooting 3D photos. To take amazing 3D pictures, you must meticulously follow the lesson.

Step 4) It’s now time to use the app to take some fantastic 3D images. Simply tap the camera button to concentrate on the subject. Now, with the emphasis on a target, shift gadgets to the right side.

how to take 3d photos with an android phone

That’s all. All image frames collected from various angles will be automatically blended, and you will have your 3D image.

Alternatives to Phogy

A few more 3D camera applications, such as Phogy, are available on the Play Store. You may also use them to take 3D photographs.

Loopsie – 3D Photo Creator

how to take 3d photos with an android phone

Loopsie, a user-friendly programme with simple navigation, allows you to shoot 3D photos and film high-resolution videos. This programme has a unique feature in that it features a stabilising tool. As a result, even if you have shaky hands, you won’t wind up with blurry images.

Loopsie captures still photographs and allows you to select a specific region of the image to play in a loop, creating a cinematic effect. The 3D moving images may be stored as short HD films in a variety of formats.


how to take 3d photos with an android phone

This is a one-of-a-kind programme that turns static images into moving ones. Zoetropic converts photos into moving 3D images. Consider this app a hybrid of 3D and photographic images in motion.
It seems complicated, but it’s easy to understand with an example. Consider a still image of a waterfall. You may set motion points in Zoetropic to make the water flow. You may pick which sections of the image should remain static and which should move. You may also use soundtracks from your music library to create a more realistic impression.

Camera 3D

how to take 3d photos with an android phone

This software allows you to shoot up to 99 shots for one “3D” image set; the maximum number of photos depends on the capacity available on your smartphone.

It aids in the creation of GIF pictures on your smartphone and allows you to simply produce 360-degree photos.

Make It 3D

how to take 3d photos with an android phone

Make It 3D is a “3D” programme that transforms your 2D photos into 3D images. It can create anaglyph 3D photographs from the camera or gallery on the phone.

The software is simple to use; simply open the app’s camera viewfinder and take two photos. After capturing the image, switch to 3D mode and save the stereoscope 3D image to your phone.

So, those are some of the greatest methods for taking 3D photographs on Android. If you require further assistance or know of another means to collect 3D images, please let us know in the comments section below.


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