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Storm breaker – Best social engineering tool

Get access to windows password, webcam, microphone, and location

Storm breaker is an excellent social engineering tool. There are four options in this tool. And this tool is very simple to use. The sad thing is that we can not use this tool in termux.

In this post, I am going to explain how to install and use this  tool.


  1. Get Device Information Without Any Permissions
  2. Access Location [SMARTPHONES]
  3. Os Password Grabber [WIN-10]
  4. Access Webcam
  5. Access Microphone

Download and install Storm breaker tool

Step 1: First of all, you can download this storm breaker tool by copying the following command and pasting it in your Linux terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/ultrasecurity/Storm-Breaker
Storm breaker – Best social engineering tool

Step 2: Then move your directory to the Storm-Breaker tool. To do so, type the following command into your Linux.

					cd Storm-Breaker
Storm breaker – Best social engineering tool

Step 3: Now to install this tool on our Linux type the following command in your terminal.

					sudo bash install.sh

Step 4: After installing the breaker tool you need to install a few python modules required for this tool to work. You can use the requirements.txt file for this.

					python3 -m pip install -r requirments.txt
Storm breaker – Best social engineering tool

The installation process of this tool is complete. Run the python file Storm-Breaker.py on your Linux to run this tool.

					sudo python3 Storm-Breaker.py
Storm breaker – Best social engineering tool

Now you can choose if you want this method by typing its number and pressing the enter button. Doing so will generate a ngrok link for you after selecting what you need. You can get what you want by sending the generated link to your target.


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