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steal target information with termux script

Termux complete information stealer

Steal target information – Target information is one of the most important for hacking. The more information we collect about the target, the simpler hacking becomes. So in this post, we are going to look at how to capture target information without them knowing.

The tool we will use to collect information is called Nivistelear. This tool can be used on Termux and Linux. If you do not know about Termux and Linux then you can use this tool hosted by 000webhost. And this Nivistelear tool is capable of stealing a lot of information at once.


  1. Steal Victim Ip
  2. Steal Device Info
  3. Steal Network and Battery Info
  4. Uses Device Gps to steal exact location
  5. Steal pic from front camera
  6. Steal text from victim clipboard (added recently)
  7. Send logs to discord also save them locally in a txt file
  8. Works on android, windows,linux,mac os
  9. Uses iframe to load live website to make a phishing attack more reliable

Steal target information with Termux

First, you need to download the Nivistealer tool into your termux so type the following command into your termux terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/swagkarna/Nivistealer.git
steal target information with termux script

After downloading the Nivistealer tool you need to change the Termux directory to the python_flask directory.

					cd Nivistealer
cd python_flask
steal target information with termux script

Now you need to install the Colorama and flask module to run the python file nivistealer.py.

					pip3 install colorama
pip3 install flask
steal target information with termux script

Now to run this “steal target information” tool you need to type the following command in your Termux.

					python3 nivistealer.py
steal target information with termux script

After running this tool on your Termux you need to open a new terminal on your Termux and run Ngrok on port number 5000. Then you need to send the generated Ngrok link to the target and by clicking on the link you can send your target you will get all their information.

steal target information with termux script

All the information of your target will be saved in the python_flask folder. You can move the image to your local storage and open the text file in Termux using the cat command.

steal target information with termux script

I hope this post is very helpful to you and you can ask me through the command section if you have any doubts.


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