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Simple program to poll Nextcloud notifications and send them to Android using Termux API


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A simple termux script to send a notifications form your Nextcloud server in case if you don’t have Nextcloud app or Google play services


To install this program you should have following apps installed Termux, Termux:Boot, Termux:API.
Open termux and install git command:

pkg install git debianutils vim

Clone the code

git clone https://github.com/Andrewerr/termux-nextcloud-notificator

cd termux-nextcloud-notificator

Run install.sh script:

./install.sh all

Now you need to configure the program. There is two ways to do this

1st way

vim: ./install.sh configure

2nd Way

nano/emacs/…: your-editor /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc/nextcloud-notificator.yml

The config files is as follows

Screenshot 2020 12 08 15 46 27

So here you should set following two variables endpoint and user:

  • endpoint is domain of you cloud
  • user your username at your server After this it is recommend to do first run(On boot authorization may not open). So just run:


So now you should authorize at your cloud.

Manage installation

./install.sh has few more options:

update – updates your installation to latest development release
deauth – removes your authentication credentials(Maybe useful in case of 401 error)



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