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SeeU – Latest Termux camera hacking tool

SeeU is a bash-based script that is officially made for hacking cameras of devices with help of port forwarding and google bypass features. This tool works on both rooted Android devices and Non-rooted Android devices.

If you generated a phishing link with this tool to share victim after the victim clicks your phishing link, it means you will be able to access the victim’s camera, it will take pictures every 2 seconds with the front camera

Tested platform

  1. Termux

  2. Linux


  1. Php

  2. Wget

  3. Curl

  4. Ngrok

How to install and use the SeeU tool?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the SeeU tool so type the below command on your termux

					git clone https://github.com/noob-hackers/seeu.git
download the camera hacking tool

Step 2:

Now change the directory to seeu folder so run the below commands on your terminal

					cd seeu
change directory

Step 3:

Then permit to read write and execute of seeu.sh bash script so copy-paste the below string on your terminal

					chmod +x seeu.sh
SeeU – Latest Termux camera hacking tool

Step 4:

After that run, the Termux camera hacking tool so executes the below command. then choose the first option to start the tool

SeeU – Latest Termux camera hacking tool
SeeU – Latest Termux camera hacking tool

Step 5:

Now choose which template you want. in my case, I choose the first template. After that share ngrok link to victim 

Install SeeU Requirements

					apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y
pkg install curl -y
pkg install wget -y
pkg install git -y
pkg install php -y


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