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Secure Termux with Fingerprint Lock

 Hello guy’s in this article we are going to discuss about how to secure our termux application with fingerprint lock.


  1. Smartphone with Fingerprint Sensor
  2. Termux:API app installed
  3. Android version 6.0 and above

Tested platform

  • Termux

How to install and use Termux FingerPrint

Step 1:

First you install wget package in your termux so type this below command in your termux this will help you to install wget package.

pkg install wget

Step 2:

Now we download termuxfinger lock package in our termux so type this below command in your termux.

git clone https://github.com/MrAlpha786/termux-fingerprint-lock.git

Step 3:

Now we need to give permission read, write and execute of setup bash file in our termux so type this below command in your termux.

chmod u+x setup

Step 4:

Now simply run setup file using this below command once you run. It will ask fingerprint authentication so you register your fingerprint.

bash setup

Once you completed above all process close your termux and again open it. now it will open only using your fingerprint.

 How to remove

Again run this below command your finger print lock automatically removed.

bash setup

Full video tutorial




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