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Scylla – Phone Number and information gathering

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In this article i’m going to talk about osint tool or information gathering tool called “Scylla“. Scylla is one of the best osint tool for instagram and twitter.

Scylla is an OSINT tool developed in Python 3.6. Scylla lets users perform advanced searches on Instagram & Twitter accounts, websites/webservers, phone numbers, and names.

This tool also allows users to find all social media profiles (main platforms) assigned to a certain username. In continuation, Scylla has shodan support so you can search for devices all over the internet, it also has in-depth geolocation capabilities.

Lastly, This osint tool has a finance section which allows users to check if a credit/debit card number has been leaked/pasted in a breach and returns information on the cards IIN/BIN. This is the first version of the tool so please contact the developer if you want to help contribute and add more to Scylla

How to install and use Scylla tool

First of all we need to download the “Scylla” Osint tool so, execute the below command in your linux or termux terminal.

					git clone https://www.github.com/DoubleThreatSecurity/Scylla
download the github tool

Now change the directory with “cd” command 

					cd Scylla
change the directory

Then, Now install the “pip” package using python so run the below command on your terminal

					sudo apt install python3-pip
install the pip packge

After complete the above process, need to install the requirement of “Scylla” Tool. so, run the below command in your terminal.

					sudo python3 -m pip install -r requirments.txt
install the requirement

Usages of scylla

After complete the installation execute the below command to know the usage of these tools 

					python3 scylla.py --help
Scylla – Phone Number and information gathering

Spot Instagram users

I already told that this is a Osint tool, just you type the name of instagram user, it will show all the information, see the example below

					python3 scylla.py --instagram < username >
Scylla – Phone Number and information gathering

Find username

Also, if you have no information about the victim profile, you can use the following command to search his profile on various social media platforms and it will easily locate the profile and tell you where the victim profile is available.

					python3 scylla.py --username < username >
Scylla – Phone Number and information gathering

Spot Phone Number

Through this facility you can only get some information of the victim’s mobile number such as : CN, Location, IF etc but not completely.

					python3 scylla.py -r +917639xxxxxx
Scylla – Phone Number and information gathering

That’s it, Now i will covered all the features of this tool, if you have any doubts please free to ask in the command section


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