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Revenge Rat – Windows Remote Access Trojan

Revenge Rat is an open-source tool that simple and freely available Remote Access Trojan that automatically gathers system information before allowing threat actors to remotely access system components such as webcams, microphones, and various other utilities.


  1. Screen capture

  2. Keylogging

  3. Video capture

  4. Credential dumping

  5. Audio capture

How to install and use the Revenge Rat?

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download and install the “Revenge Rat” tool so click the below download button

Step 2:

After Downloading click the executing file and it will ask you to set the listener so you can change the port number and Host address 

Rat tool

Step 3:

After that go directly to the client builder option, go to network settings and add host details.

Windows Remote Access Trojan

Step 4:

This tool has a great feature that changed payload icon image if you need to change means just load the PNG image

Revenge Rat – Windows Remote Access Trojan

Step 5:

After completing the above steps click the “compile” button to create the payload. After that share that payload with the victim

Revenge Rat – Windows Remote Access Trojan

Step 6:

If your victim click your payload means you will get the session on your computer so you can remote access a victim computer

Revenge Rat – Windows Remote Access Trojan

I hope this article helps you a lot if you know any other rat tool means please free to share the command section if you have any doubt also share the command below


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