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Reset Termux – How to solve Termux problem

Sometimes termux users run into problems at the time they uninstall and install termux application, so we lost our important tools and scripts, so in this article, I will show you how to reset termux settings to default without errors and data loss.


  1. Avoid data lost

  2. Time-saving

  3. Solve any Termux problem

How to install and use the reset termux tool?

The termux problem solving tool is a simple bash script to help reset your termux in case of any problems you might have

Step 1:

First, we need to download the termux problem-solving tool so type the below command in your termux application.

					git clone https://github.com/TermuxHackz/Termux-reset.git

Step 2:

Now change the directory to termux problem solving folder so type the following

					cd Termux-reset
Reset Termux – How to solve Termux problem

Step 3:

Now permit to read write and execute of termux-reset.sh bash script.

					chmod +x Termux-reset.sh
Reset Termux – How to solve Termux problem

Step 4:

After that type the below command to run the termux resetting tool

					bash Termux-reset.sh

Once you run this tool on your termux application you will be resetting your termux. I hope this article helps you a lot if you have any doubts means please free to ask in the command section.



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