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How to record WhatsApp video and voice call

Record WhatsApp voice call – One of the most popular venues for users to chat with their family and friends is WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging software in the world. WhatsApp is known for its messaging features.

However, the reality is that WhatsApp calls aren’t always ideal because some users, while using them frequently, complain that they don’t have access to certain features that, for many users, could be very necessary, but the firm doesn’t appear to want to provide them. One of these is the potential for call recording in WhatsApp, which regrettably has not yet been added to the software.

Record WhatsApp Voice Call

However, the truth is that we may easily compliment the calls we make through the messaging service by utilizing third-party tools and apps. Without further ado, let’s quickly review the tutorial we described below.

Call recordings from WhatsApp

With more than 5 million active installations on Google Play and a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, Cube Call Recorder ACR is one of the most widely used call recording apps. It is also one of the most well-known apps in its category.

Naturally, voice calls placed over a mobile network are those that this application was designed to record. But in addition to this, it provides the option to record audio calls made using a variety of apps, including Skype, Line, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

Install Cube Call Recorder ACR first on your Android smartphone.

How to record WhatsApp video and voice call
Output for installing Cube Call Recorder ACR

Next, decide which applications (in this case, WhatsApp) you wish to use to capture the audio of the calls.

After choosing the desired app (in this case, WhatsApp), you can now exit it and all of your audio calls within WhatsApp will be recorded.

How to record WhatsApp video and voice call
Output for recording the whatsapp audio call

Additionally, automated recording will be an option, eliminating the need to manually begin recording each time a call comes in.

How to record WhatsApp video and voice call
Output for automatic recording

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