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Ransomware – Create with termux

What we are going to see in this post is how to generate android ransomware using termux, there is a unique tool for generating android ransomware called xransom, this tool can be used in termux and Linux

Generally asking how ransomware works ransomware is a virus once the virus reaches the target it takes all their files and if they want their files again the virus creator must allow it.

Install Ransomware tool in termux

First, you need to download the ransom-ware tool, and then you need to type the below command in your termux terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/hackerxphantom/xransom.git
Ransomware – Create with termux
Output for downloading the ransomware tool

Now change the directory to Xransom folder so execute the following command on your Termux terminal

					cd xransom
Ransomware – Create with termux
Output for changing the directory

To run this tool on your termux you need more required packages so run the below command on your termux and install all the packages.

					bash install.sh
Ransomware – Create with termux
Output for install the required package

After you install the required package you need to run the python file called xransom.py. so execute the below command

					python3 xransom.py
Ransomware – Create with termux
Output for execute the tool

After running the ransomware tool you have to set the app icon image then you have to type the name of that app after that you have to type the app title and app description more important than this you have to give unlock key because your target will use this key to reuse the file will only help.

Ransomware – Create with termux
Output for creating the ransomware apk

If your target installs the ransom-ware app that you have created, it will appear like this on their device, and again if your target wants to make their device normal, they need to use the unlock key.

Ransomware – Create with termux
Output for installing the ransomware

That’s it. I hope you find this post very useful and if you have any queries you can ask me through the below command section.



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