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QRCode Generator Attack Vector – Setoolkit

QRCode Generator Attack – The QRCode Attack Vector will create a QRCode for you with whatever URL you want.

When you have the QRCode Generated, select an additional attack vector within SET and deploy the QRCode to your victim. For example, generate a QRCode of the SET Java Applet and send the QRCode via a mailer.

How to use QRCode Generator Attack

Step 1: Choose QRCode Generator

First, you type this below command this command will help you to open setookit in your terminal.

sudo setoolkit

Once you open setoolkit tool in your terminal choose first option 1. Social -Engineering Attack Now you can see 10 modules but you choose the 8th option QRCode Generator Attack Vector.
QRCode Generator Attack Vector - Setoolkit

Step 2: Choose URL

Now you choose which URL you want to spoof QRCode I choose because of educational purposes.
QRCode Generator Attack Vector - Setoolkit

Once you type your URL and hit enter now your QR code will save in the/root/.set/reports/qrcode_attack.png directory.

QRCode Generator Attack Vector - Setoolkit

Now you share this QRCode on the victim once your victim scan this QRCode your link will automatically proceed. Not only the URL you can spoof anything like apps, pdf, image, etc.

I hope this article helps you a lot. if you like this article means please share it with your friends also. Thank you.


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