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PyWhat – Find The Mysterious Text

Hello, the guy’s in this article I will show you one of the best information-gathering tools. The tool name is PyWhat this will help you to find some unknown values and secret keys

How to install and use the PyWhat?

Step 1:

First, we need to install the requirements so run the following command

					sudo apt install python3
sudo apt install python3-pip -y
pywhat < number of card >

Step 2:

Then install the tool to execute the following command

					pip3 install pywhat
pywhat < number of card >

I will show a few examples

Find Cryptocurrency Addresses

The main part starts from here where we will show you the performance of this tool by detecting the cryptocurrency address. As you can see we have only one unknown value which we have never seen and once we try to detect it through this tool we get to know that the following value is a cryptocurrency wallet address.

Usage : pywhat “< value >”

pywhat < number of card >

Analyzing Pcap File

As we know that “PCAP” extension files are data files that contain the packet data of a network which we can also analyze through this tool.

Usage : pywhat < location of PCAP file >

pywhat < number of card >

Find Cards details

The most important thing that can attract an attacker is to get complete information about any type of card such as Mastercard, visa, debit card, etc

Usage: pywhat < number of cards>

pywhat < number of card >


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