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Android Phone Stuck On Headphone Mode

Phone Stuck On Headphone – Recent complaints regarding an uncommon issue on Android smartphones have been scarce. Therefore, we have chosen to provide some of the top techniques in this post for unsticking Android phones from headphone mode.

Nearly everyone today owns an Android smartphone, if we take a glance around. Currently, Android is the most widely used and favoured mobile operating system. Android provides customers with more customisation choices in comparison to all other mobile operating systems.

The Android operating system’s selection of applications is one of its benefits. You don’t think so? You can discover apps and games on the Google Play Store for practically any purpose with just a quick glance. Out of all the other capabilities, Android devices’ capacity to play music is still unmatched, and this is made possible by the abundance of music player applications offered on the Google Play Store.

There are several music player applications available on the Google Play Store that may greatly enhance your musical enjoyment. However, a few customers have recently voiced concerns about an odd issue with Android-powered devices. Even after taking off the headphones, users have noticed that the headphone icon remains visible in the notification tray.

Fix Phone Stuck on Headphone Mod

Even when headphones are not connected, the headphone symbol is displayed in the notification bar. Although weird, this may be resolved. Therefore, we have chosen to provide some of the top techniques in this post for unsticking Android phones from headphone mode.

1) Restart Your Android Device

Android Phone Stuck On Headphone Mode

Whether it’s a computer or a smartphone, most hardware or software-related issues can occasionally be resolved with a simple restart. So, whether a software or hardware issue is the cause of the headphone symbol appearing in the notification bar, a simple restart would usually cure it. Restart your Android phone as a result before using any additional techniques.

2) While the phone is on, remove the battery

Android Phone Stuck On Headphone Mode

On smartphones in particular, clearing the temporary memory cache is simple. While the phone is on, users must remove the battery. Restart the storm after a brief delay, then turn on your phone. This will likely solve Android phones that are stuck in headset mode. You must erase the spilled cache if the headphone icon persists even after you have disconnected the headphones.

3) Factory reset Your Android smartphone

Android Phone Stuck On Headphone Mode

Resetting the Android phone should likely resolve any software issues that are causing the headphone symbol to appear even when no headphones are plugged in. This is how to factory reset your Android phone.

  1. First, tap Settings in the app drawer on Android.
  2. Go to the System section of the Settings panel.
  3. Locate and choose the Reset or Factory Reset option under System.
  4. The installed applications and any user-made settings will be removed when you reset. Therefore, before you reset your smartphone, be sure to make a complete backup of your vital files.

You’re done; it’s all done! After that, restart your smartphone to remove the headphone symbol from the notification bar.

4) Remove your headphones from the phone again

Reconnecting the headphones to the phone and then removing them again is a simple fix. The objective is to prevent your Android phone from identifying the headphones.

  1. Incorporate the audio jack with the headphone plug.
  2. Rotate the plug within the jack firmly but gently.
  3. Pull the plug out.

You’ve found the solution if the phone still plays music. If not, you should consider exploring alternative options.


When you connect in headphones, your phone instantly detects them and switches to headphones mode. This is a nice feature, but it may be annoying if your phone assumes your headphones are always on.

Our goal was to assist you with removing the headphones from your phone. It should now be simple for you to choose between listening in private and sharing your media with anybody who wishes to listen with you. Alternatively, answer crucial calls without fumbling for your headset!

Did you succeed in Phone Stuck On Headphone? Which techniques did you employ to unlock your phone from headphone mode? Tell us in the comments section below.


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