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Okadminfinder3 – How to find admin page of website

Hello, welcome to another post in this article. I’ll show you how to find the website admin page with the okadminfinder3 tool.

What is the Okadminfinder3 Tool?

OKadminFinder is a licensed Apache2 utility rewritten in Python 3.x for administrators/pentester looking to find the admin panel of a website. There are many other remedies, but not as effective and safe. Yes, Okadminfinder can use tor and hide your identity

Features of find admin page of website

  1. More than 500 potential admin panels

  2.  Tor & Proxy

  3.  Random-Proxy

  4.  Random-Agents

  5.  Console work with params, like: okadminfinder.py -u example.com --proxy

  6.  Self-Update

  7.  Classify admin panel links by popularity

  8.  Multithreading, for faster work

  9.  Adding more potential admin panel pages


  1. Python and python2 program

  2. Git package

  3. Tor

How to find admin page of website

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the okadminfinder3 tool, so enter the following command in your terminal.

how to find admin page of website

Step 2:

Now change directory to okadminfinder3 tool, so run the following command

					cd okadminfinder3
how to find admin page of website

Step 3:

After that execute the following commands to find the target admin log-in page.

					python3 okadminfinder.py -u (target website address)
how to find admin page of website

I hope this article helps you a lot, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the commands section.


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