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Network spying with Bettercap tool

Network spying – In the previous article, we learned how to install the Bettercap tool on Linux, this article is a continuation, so you should read the previous article. Bettercap is one of the best MITM attack frameworks, we can do all the attacks with this tool like site redirect, network spy, password hack, etc.

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to spy on the same wifi devices with the Bettercap tool. let’s start.

Network spying

First of all, we need to open the bettercap toon in your Linux so execute the below command on your terminal

					sudo bettercap -iface wlan0
install bettercap

After executing the above command run the “help” attribute on the Bettercap terminal. This will display all modules and options

Now we need to enable the 2 modules that name called net. probe and net. recon so execute the below commands one by one

					net.probe on
net.recon on
Network spying with Bettercap tool

net.probe When activated, this module will send different types of probe packets to each IP in the current subnet for the net.recon module to detect them.

net.recon This module is responsible for periodically reading the system ARP table to detect new hosts on the network.

After that enable the net.sniff module because This module is a network packet sniffer and fuzzier supporting both BPF syntax and regular expressions for filtering. It is also able to dissect several major protocols to harvest credentials.

					net.sniff on

After enabling the net sniff module the bettercap tool will spy on all connected devices. see the below image


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