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Mailfinder – termux osint tool

OSINT tool for finding email by first and last name

mailfinder is an osint tool We can use this tool to locate a mail address in a short time. For example, in some cases, we may forget the mail address of some people using their name to find out with this tool.

Now you may have an idea of what an osint tool is. Simply put, osint is the name of a device that can display information that may be in different places in one place.

Install and use mailfinder in termux

Step 1: First of all, we need to download the “mailfiner” tool in termux so execute the following command in your terminal.

					git clone https://github.com/mishakorzik/MailFinder.git
Mailfinder – termux osint tool

Step 2: Now change the directory with “cd” command

					cd MailFinder
Mailfinder – termux osint tool

Step 3: Now run this tool on your termux using the command given below and then enter the first name and second name of the person whose mail you want to find mail from.

					python MailFinder.py
Mailfinder – termux osint tool

That’s it, you are done. now you can find any forgetting mail address with this tool. I hope this article helps you! share your friends also

1. If you have problems installing the requests library: python3 -m pip install requests.
2. If modules cannot be downloaded: replace pkg with apt.
3. If you do not know how to delete the repository: rm -rf MailFinder.


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