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Igfreak Instagram Slick Hacking framework

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In this piece, we will look at the igfreak Instagram penetration testing tool, which is completely integrated with html, python, and php and can be used on linux and termux and is quite simple to use.

What is igfreak?

Igfreak is a sophisticated Instagram Slick Hacking framework capable of bruteforcing, phishing, and sending reports to any account.


  1. 99.99% Works!
  2. proxy tor!
  3. Capture IP addresses in advance!
  4. Beginners will find it simple!

How to install igfreak on linux?

To install this tool on your device, you must first install the python3, tor, and php programmes; all linux devices come pre-installed with these programmes; if not, use the command below. Enter one by one in your terminal.

					sudo apt install python && python2
sudo apt install php
sudo apt install tor

Now, download the igreak tool from github, move your directory to the directory of that tool, and execute it with python3. The photographs are all related to the slide shown below.

					git clone https://github.com/T-Dynamos/IgFreak.git
cd IgFreak
sudo pip3 install requirements.txt
sudo python3 igfreak.py --help
Downlod the igfreak tool
change the directory
Executing the tool

How to use this tool?

We can do the following three tasks by utilising this tool.

  1. Phishing
  2. Brutforce attack
  3. Reporting

Phishing with igfreak tool

This utility includes three different phishing templates:

  1. Igbadges : Hack account by confirming account in get verified badges
  2. Instagram : Instagram simple login page
  3. Instafollowers : Get Instagram accounts by seeking followers

Choose the one you require (that is, the one that persuades your target) from the three templates shown above.

After that, if you run the following command in your terminal, a phishing link will be produced for you.

					python3 igfreak.py --phish -t [template]
Igfreak instagram Slick Hacking framework
Output for generating the phishing link

After delivering your produced link to your target, click on it and provide their login and password; they will all be viewable in your terminal.

Igfreak instagram Slick Hacking framework
Output for getting the complete information

If the target clicks the login button after registration, they will be sent immediately to the original login page.

Brutforce Attack

I hope you understand what a brutforce attack is. To build this vital password text file, first create it, then take your target’s username and run the command below in your terminal.

					python3 igfreak.py --bruteforce -u [username] -pl [passlist]
Igfreak instagram Slick Hacking framework
Output for bruteforce attack

Before you launch this bruteforce assault, you must first launch Tor, since else, the attack will fail.

How to be safe with these attack?

Phishing: Just don’t click on any unwanted link to protect yourself from phishing attack.

Bruteforce: To protect your account from bruteforce attacks, keep your password as strong as possible.

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any questions, please contact me using the form below.


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