Homelinux tutorialHow to use Netdiscover tool on Linux

How to use Netdiscover tool on Linux

Today we are going to look at how to use the Netdiscover tool in this Linux tutorial section. This tool is pre-installed on Linux and if you do not have this tool on your device you can install it using the command given below.

					sudo apt install netdiscover

If you want to run this Netdiscover tool on your Linux you need to type the command sudo netdiscover in the terminal and run it. And there is another way in Linux by clicking on the Linux logo in the top left side corner and information gathering > Route Analysis > Netdiscover

What is netdiscover?

Netdiscover is an active/passive address reconnaissance tool, mainly developed for those wireless networks without DHCP servers when you are wardriving. It can be also used on hub/switched networks.

Netdiscover can also be used to inspect your network ARP traffic or find network addresses using auto scan mode, which will scan for common local networks.


  1. Simple Arp Scanner
  2. Works in both Active & Passive modes
  3. Produces a live display of identified hosts
  4. Able to scan multiple subnets
  5. Timing Options

Usage of Netdiscover tool

1.Basic Scan

With this basic scan you can know all the device ip address and device name that can be connected to your Network. For that you type below command in your terminal.

					sudo netdiscover
How to use Netdiscover tool on Linux
Output for netdiscover basic scan

2.Specific Range

If there are many devices connected in your network, you can use the specific range option to get the information you need.

					sudo netdiscover -r
How to use Netdiscover tool on Linux
Output for Netdiscover specific range

We can also scan for multiple ranges. This is useful when you have a large network with multiple sub nets & networks. For this first you need to type the specific range one by one in a text file, then we can scan using that text file.

					sudo netdiscover -l ranges.txt

3.Passive Scaning

Sometimes it’s better to stay quiter. -p option helps on this but at the cost of patience.

					sudo netdiscover -p
How to use Netdiscover tool on Linux
Output for netdiscover passive scan

I hope this post will help you to know how to use netdiscover tool and if you have any doubt about this post you can ask me through below command section.


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