Homelinux tutorialHow to use dnsenum tool in Linux

How to use dnsenum tool in Linux

DNS enumeration best tool in kali-Linux

Dnsenum is an excellent DNS enumeration tool. It is pre-installed on Kali Linux. Using this tool we can find out the complete DNS information of a website.

In this post, you will learn about how to use this dnsenum tool and how to use it to know all the DNS information of a website or IP address.

Use Dnsenum Tool in Linux

Access dnsenum tool in Linux

First, you need to open a terminal in your Linux and then type the following command into your terminal to learn how to use this tool.

					dnsenum -h
How to use dnsenum tool in Linux

Complete DNS Search

Now you need to type the following command in the terminal to search for advance DNS. In this search, we can know all the basic information of our target.

For example, this complete search can find out the following information from your target website

  1. Host’s addresses
  2. Name Servers
  3. Mail (MX) Servers
  4. Scrapping subdomains from google
  5. DNS information
  6. Who is Queries
  7. Reverse lockups
  8. IP block list

So execute the following commands on your Linux terminal

					dnsenum --enum (website name without www)
How to use dnsenum tool in Linux

Subdomain Search

Now if you want to know the subdomain of your target website then you need to create one small text file that file should be contain the following information


After creating the subdomain text file then run the following command in your terminal to know the target website subdomains

					dnsenum -f (subdomain txt file) -r (website name without www)
How to use dnsenum tool in Linux

Not only this but you can get more information using dnsenum tool. I just wanted to describe how to use this dnsenum tool in this post and hope it did well.


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