How to use DNS analysis tools in linux

Hello guy’s in this article we are going to discuss about how to use Dns analysis in our kali-linux. in linux there are three tools avilable that.

  • Dnsenum
  • Dnsrecon
  • fierce

What is Dns analytics?

DNS (Domain Name System) Analytics is the surveillance (collection and analysis) of DNS traffic within a computer network.

Different types of dns analysis tool available in web but we only discuss about linux tools this only enough to collect dns information 

What is Dnsenum?

Dnsenum is a perl script it is enumerate DNS information of a domain and to discover non-contiguous ip blocks.


  • Find host address record
  • Find the nameservers
  • Find the mx records
  • Perform reverse lookups on netranges
  • Brute force subdomains from file, can also perform recursion on subdomain that have NS records.

How to use Dnsenum?

Step 1:

First you select dnsenum and after that type this following command this command will help you to find all dns information about your target.

dnsenum –noreverse -o result.xml


Dnsenum=tool name

–noreverse=don’t do a reverce lookup

result.xml=output file name name

What is Dnsrecon?

DNSRecon is a DNS reconnaissance tool that can perform a variety of enumerations, such as standard record enumeration, Zone transfer, Reverse lookup, Google lookup, Zone walking, cache snooping, and Domain Brute-Forcing.


  • Check all name server records
  • Standard record enumuration
  • Zone transfer
  • Reverse lookup
  • Google lookup
  • Zone walking
  • Cache snooping
  • Domain brute-forcing

How to use Dnsrecon?

 First you open Dnsrecon in you linux after that just type this following command this command will help you to find all inforamtion.

dnsrecon -d -t std –xml dnsrecon.xml

 If you need to brute-forece domain name type this following command 

dnsrecon -d -D (your wordlist) -t std –xml dnsrecon.xml

Dnsrecon=tool name

-d a domain
-D (your wordlist)=use a dictionary to bruteforce hostname’s
-t std=do a standard scan
–xml dnsrecon.xml=save aoutput file

What is a fierce?

Fierce is a perl script it is reconnaissance tool that quickly scans domains without lag using several attacks.

How to use fierce?

Type this following command to run default fierce scan.

fierce -dns


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