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How to track phone location with a freeway

Track Phone Location – Welcome to another post in this article. I will show you the easiest way to track the victim’s phone’s location.

Tracking the location of your cell phone is not something you only see in movies. In fact, many people often use cell phone tracking apps to find out where their loved ones are. Not only that, even employers use phones to track their employees. ‘devices.

Now we cannot use spy apps, but we track the location of the phone from the link.


  1. Victim phone number

  2. Victim IP address

How much information do we get with this method?

  1. Referrer, Exit, search term

  2. Browser name & Version

  3. Platform & Devices

  4. Country, Region, City

  5. GPS Longitude & Latitude

  6. Timezone & Language

  7. ISP, Provider, or Carrier

  8. Company & Organization

  9. Area, Postal or ZIP code

  10. IP address & Connection type

  11. Display size & Orientation

How to track phone location

Step 1: Get the victim IP address

1. First, we need to go to the IP logger website, so click the button below.

ip logger

2. Now select images or website links that are attractive or interesting to the victim and then paste them into the URL shortening panel of the IP Logger website.

3. Now it will show the terms, just accept them and proceed

How to track phone location with a freeway

4. After completing the above process, you will receive a unique link to share

How to track phone location with a freeway

5. Now you can customize your link if needed.

How to track phone location with a freeway

6. Now share a customized link to your victim via social media or message.

7. After that switch the tap Information about IP Logger to Logged IP’s. if your victim click your link means you will get the IP address

How to track phone location with a freeway

Step 2: Track Phone Location

1. First you need to click the below button to go for Track phone location.

2. After that paste the victim IP address to the IP tracker search bar and get your victim phone location

How to track phone location with a freeway


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