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How to Spy on Android Text messages

Spy on Android Text messages – Android There is an app for almost everything you can imagine to do with your Smartphone. How about keeping track of someone’s incoming texts. Want to spy on your Girlfriend/Boyfriend or kids? Simply grab the phone you want to track and install SMS Replicator for Android, configure it with your number. Once done, the app will run secretly and it will forward incoming messages to you.

SMS Replicator is potentially insidious and it definitely will not do any good for you. We don’t suggest you install Secret SMS Replicator on anyone’s phone, even it can cause serious trouble for you. The good news is Google just removed SMS Replicator from Android Market.

How To Spy on Android Text Messages

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download and install the “SecretSMSReplicator” on your victim’s Android phone.

Step 2:

After installing the app launch it on your victim android Device

Step 3:

Now you need to enter the phone number to which all the arriving messages will get forwarded, You will enter your number.

How to Spy on Android Text messages

Step 4:

Now set a password for the spy app because if the victim find the app they didn’t open and uninstall

How to Spy on Android Text messages

Now, this app will get hidden in an android device and no one can even uninstall it as it will require password that you have set.

Thats is you will be getting all the logs of messages that arriving on device or sent from that device.


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