How to sniff 5Ghz frequency on airodump-ng

This article I’d like to talk about WiFi bonds, The bonds of a network defines what frequency it can use to broadcast the signal. This means it also defines the frequency that the clients. The computers need to be able to support and use in order to be able to connect to this network.

Two main frequencies used in WiFi networks are 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. Now previously, when we use airodump-ng to sniff WiFi networks around us this time also we use the same tool to find WiFi bonds.

Why we know the Bonds?

If you run the airodump-ng tool you can get the wireless networks around you, but you might have noticed that you won’t actually see all the networks around you, because the airodump-ng only sniffing 2.4Ghz so you must know the bond’s then only you can access all network around you.

Step 1:

First you check your wireless interface is monitor mode. if you don’t know just type this below command on your terminal.

sudo iwconfig mon0

WiFi monitor mode

if your WiFi interface did’n the monitor mode just enable it

Step 2:

Now you just sniff the wireless network around you so type this below command on your terminal

sudo airodump-ng mon0

sniffing WiFi networks

Now you can see the airodump-ng only sniff 2.4 Ghz networks only

Step 3:

If you need to sniffing 5 Ghz networks type this below command on your terminal

sudo airodump-ng –band a mon0

Sniff 5Ghz networks

Now you can able to see 5 Ghz networks. but some wireless adopters not supported to capture 5Ghz networks so you can buy best adopter.


a Uses 5 Ghz frequency only
a,b Both uses 2.4 Ghz frequency only
n uses 2 and 5 Ghz frequency
ac uses frequencies lower then 6 Ghz 
  • A 2.4 Ghz network name may be ended with “24G”, “2.4”, or “24”, for example: ERRORSFIND24G
  • A 5 Ghz network name may be ended with “5G” or “5”, for example: ERRORSFIND5
  • I don’t see  any network name associated with 2.4 or 5. That means your Internet Service Provider(ISP)

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