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How to send secrete message

Send secrete message – Nowadays we can not keep anything personal because someone is watching everything, whether we are texting or calling someone online. Most people may know this but some may not.

However, technology is evolving day by day so we can send our personal messages undetected.

For Example: Now I want to send the message errorsfind to my friend but when no one other than my friend reads this message I can hide this errorsfind message in the sentence how r you with a password and this is made possible by experience.

Send secrete message

Step 1: First, you go to the stagecloak website by clicking the “Send Secrete message“button below.

How to send secrete message

Step 2: Now type your message in the secret field and the password to lock this message in the password field.

How to send secrete message

Step 3: After typing the secret message and password, type something in the message box and click the hide button.

How to send secrete message

After clicking the hide button you will see a box called STEGCLOAKED MESSAGE which will have a random message that you have typed. You can also copy the message contained in this STEGCLOAKED MESSAGE box and send it to anyone you want to send your secret message to through social media.

How to see the secret message?

scroll down the stegCloak website until you see the revel option. Then type the secret message password in the password box and copy and paste the random message into the STEGCLOAKED MESSAGE box and press the get secret button.

How to send secrete message

That’s it. I hope this post was helpful to you and also want to share this post with your friends. If you want to continue reading posts like this, check out the errorsfind website regularly.


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