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How to safe browsing in android Google chrome

Now Google introduced a new feature for Chrome desktop version known as ‘Enhanced Safe Browsing’. According to Google, the enhanced safe browsing increases protection from dangerous websites and downloads.

Feature of Enhance safe Browsing

  • Alert suspicious downloads
  • Get alert about malware
  • Alert Phishing sites
  • Alert risky Extension etc.,

How to enable Enhance safe browsing in android Google chrome

Step 1:

First you update your google chrome application up to date once you updated just open it.

Step 2:

Now type this below command in your google chrome address bar.


Once you type this above command this will show all flags and one search bar.

Step 3:

Now Search for ‘Safe browsing’ and enable the two flags – Safe browsing Enhanced Protection on Android and Security Section on Android.


Step 4:

Once you done, tap on the ‘Relaunch’ button

Step 5:

After the relaunch, open Chrome settings and tap on ‘Privacy and Security’. Under the Privacy and Security, tap on the ‘Safe browsing’ option.


Step 6:

Now You will get three options – Enhanced, Standard, and No Protection. To enable the Enhanced Safe Browsing, select ‘Enhanced Protection


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