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How to root OnePlus mobile step-by-step guide

Root Oneplus Mobile – Oneplus is one of the best-selling android products compare to other android phones. the price is also reasonable, In this article, I’m going to teach you how to root one plus android phone. let’s start

What is Root?

Rooting is the process that allows users of the Android mobile operating system to gain privileged control (known as root privileges) over various Android subsystems.

Once you’ve rooted your phone, you can take complete control of your Android system. After rooting the phone, you can install your kernel, customize the ROM, unlock the phone, and uninstall the pre-installed apps.

Advantages of root Oneplus mobile

  1. Customize your phone to meet your needs.

  2. You can control your phone fully

  3. You can take a complete backup

  4. Root allows Unsupported Applications and games to be installed.

  5. Removing pre-installed apps

  6. Ad-blocking for all apps

  7. Greater battery lives and speeds

Disadvantages of root Oneplus mobile

  1. Lose phone warranty

  2. Not be able to receive System Updates from your phone manufacturer.

  3. Not be able to install OTA updates on your phone.

  4. It can brick your device

How to Root Oneplus Mobile

If We need to root our phone, which means we are following these two steps, one is unlocking the bootloader and Install the TWRP

Unlock OnePlus Bootloader

1. The first step you need to download the ADB Fastboot tool in windows

2. Then Extract and run the ADB tool

3. Next, Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or N/No to skip

4. Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current users only

5. Again Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip

6. Continue Driver installation

7. Connect Your Oneplus mobile to your PC via the original USB Cable.

8. Open the ADB folder. It will be located in this location C:\adb.

9. Now open CMD by pressing Shift Key + Right Mouse Click. inside the ADB Fastboot folder

10. Once done on the Command Window, type the following commands.

					fastboot devices

11. After that Hit Enter, you will see some random string that means your phone is connected successfully to pc. Next type in

					fastboot oem unlock

12. Then Hit Enter, This command will unlock your Oneplus mobile Bootloader. Next type

					fastboot reboot

That’s it now your Oppo phone bootloader was unlocked

Install TWRP in Oneplus Mobile

1. First of all download the TWRP recovery image

2. Then rename the TWRP recovery IMG file to TWRP.img.

3. After that move the TWRP.img file inside the ADB Fastboot tool Folder

4. Connect your Android Phone to the PC

5. Now open CMD by pressing Shift Key + Right Mouse Click. inside the ADB Fastboot folder

6. After that type this below command on your terminal

					adb reboot bootloader

7. Now Press Enter, this command will reboot your phone to bootloader mode. Then type the below command

					fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

8. Wait for the flashing process to complete. After that, enter the following command to start the system.

					fastboot reboot

Now your Android smartphone will restart and the TWRP will be successfully installed.

Root Oneplus Mobile

1. First of all download the latest Magisk App and lazy Flasher zip on your android phone with the below download button

2. Then rename the downloaded Magisk app file extension .apk to .zip.

3. Now move the Magisk zip and lazy Flasher zip file to your android internal storage.

4. Now Boot your Oneplus mobile to Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Down + Power Button at the same time until you see the Boot Animation.

5. Now install the magisk from the TWRP Recovery page.

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6. After Tap on Swipe To Confirm Flash. Then Next flash the Lazy Flasher zip file, Otherwise, your phone will not boot.

After completing all the above steps, your phone will be rooted. So restart your Android phone.


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