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How to hack windows saved password from pendrive

Hello guy’s in this article we are going to discuss about how to protect our laptop or computer from pen-drive virus. if you believe one video file get your all saved password’s. yes it’s possible. now a day’s all the hacker’s are very smart because they can able to inject virus in all files. so if you protect your files and password’s you only responsibility so in this article we discuss two thinks

  1. How hackers make smart pendrive?
  2. How to protect our-self?

How hackers make smart pendrive?

so many way’s are there but we discuss only for malicious video file this video file only access to our saved wifi passwor’s

Step 1:

First you download malicious video file. the download link is given below

Step 2:

Once you download this malicious video zip file extract that.
zip file



 Step 3:

Now you directly extract to your pendrive. once you extract you have two files config and video.exe file


Step 4:

Now you hide config file so just single click on config file after that just click mouse right said button now you choose property option once you open properties you can see hide box now just click that box and click ok now video file only visible.

Step 5:

Now you change that video file name that name will be impressive one. That’s it guy’s now your pendrive was smart because if any other person using your pendrive in their laptop you can able to access their all saved wifi password but they click this video at-least one time. if that victim click this malicious video file just show this below.


Step 6:

once the victim click this video with in second their all saved password will be captured. now this time you think how to see that captured password. it’s very easy now connect that pendrive on your pc. enable the hide data show option.

Step 7:

Once you enable you can see victims folder now open that folder. all captured password will be there in html format.



This is the way to make hacker’s pendrive. now we discuss how to protect our laptop from this kind of virus.

How to protect our-self?

  1. Don’t believe anyone
  2. Don’t put other pen-drive in your pc
  3. Use best anti-virus software’s
  4. if you use windows 10 means update your windows defender regularly.

If you follow the above four way. You definitely protect you pc from this kind of virus.



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