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How to prevent website location tracking

Prevent website location – Hello guy’s welcome to another article in this article i’m going to teach you how to prevent websites from tracking your location.

About two in three people in the world use the internet every day, and illegal activities including hacking and terrorism etc. can also occur. Many sites can also track your locations.

Therefore, to ensure your privacy, you should hide your location. That’s why we’re here with How To Prevent Websites From Tracking Your Location. So, let’s take a look.

Prevent Website Location Tracking

Google Chrome

To stop websites from tracking your location, you need to make some changes to Chrome’s settings.

1. First we need to open the chrome browser and click on the Three dots and select settings

How to prevent website location tracking

2. Then select the Privacy and Security Options

How to prevent website location tracking

3. Now click the Site Settings option

How to prevent website location tracking

4. On the next page, click on the Location option under the permissions.

How to prevent website location tracking

5. Now, On the default behavior, select Don’t allow sites to see your location option.

How to prevent website location tracking

Mozilla Firefox

1. First of all, open Mozilla Firefox on your computer. Click on Menu > Options > Privacy & Security.

2. Now under the Privacy & Security, find Permissions. There you need to click on Settings right below the location option.

2. This option will open up the list of websites that already have your location access. You can remove the websites from the list. To block all location requests, enable the Block new requests asking to access your location.

Prevent Google tracking your location


The Google usually gather our location data from usage google maps so we stop that also

1. First we need to open Google Activity Control Page

2. Then, you need to find the option Location History and disable it.

3. After that You can even click on Manage Activity to check which location history Google saved.


Just like desktop computers, you can also prevent location tracking on your Android. Here is what you need to do.

1. First of all open your android Google setting.

2. Then you need to click Google Location Settings > Google Location History

3. After that you need to pause the location history. You can even select the option Delete Location History to delete all saved history.


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