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How to make Qrcode for URL in google chrome

 There could be more reason why you ever want to make QR code for yourself.Maybe you want to share a lengthy website URL with your friend or just want to share your WiFi network with others. Whatever might be the reason, Android allows you to generate QR code for certain things in just a few taps.

How to create QR code with google chrome

Step 1:

First you install Google chrome on your android phone. if you already installed update up to date.

Step 2:

Once you install or update your chrome browser just click to open after that you just type this below command. and search it.


Screenshot 2020 11 22 15 20 59

Step 3:

Now you can see flag page also see flag page search bar type this blow command in search bar once you type it just search.

chrome hub

Screenshot 2020 11 22 15 25 59
 Now enable the chrome sharing hub with example of above image.

step 4:

Now you type this below command on same page search bar

QR code

Screenshot 2020 11 22 15 29 37

Once you search it enable the #chrome-share-Qr-code

Step 5:

Once you enable above options just tab relaunch button to apply changes.
Screenshot 2020 11 22 15 33 26

Step 6:

Now on the same browser, open the webpage that you want to share with your friends. Tap on the address bar and tap on the ‘Share icon’ The share menu will pop up. Simply tap on the ‘QR Code’ option to generate a QR code.

Screenshot 2020 11 22 15 35 47


Step 7:

Once you generated the QR code  download that QR code and send it to your friends via social networking or instant messaging app.

Screenshot 2020 11 22 15 38 11


That it guys now your friends scan this QR code they will get your link or content.



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