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How to jailbreak iPhone’s with windows and linux 2021

Jailbreaking is the process by which Apple’s operating systems are modified to remove restrictions and give greater user control over the device. These modifications typically allow running unsigned code, as well as reading and writing to the root filesystem, both of which are normally prevented by Apple. The increased privileges permit customisations and unfettered app installation which are not available to users with a stock device. Jailbreaking is most popular on, and most associated with, Apple’s mobile operating system iOS, though it also exists on tvOS and watchOS

Benefit’s of jail-breaking

  • Install Third-party application
  • Customization of the appearance (icons, boot animation, etc.)
  • Access to hidden iOS system files
  • Enable file sharing between iOS and Android devices
  • Overcome the limitation of Bluetooth connections to image transfer only
  • Ability to uninstall manufacturer-specific default apps

What are the risk factor available in jailbreak

  • The jailbreak process can damage the system and risks compromising the functionality of iOS.
  • The system becomes more susceptible to malware and spyware.
  • The potential for damage by malware and spyware is elevated.
  • Guarantee and warranty claims may become void.
  • You may not be able to upgrade to new iOS versions easily

How to jailbreak iPad’s and iPhone’s?

if you have Linux system means follow this steps.

Step 1:

First you download checkra1n tool so click this below download button.

Step 2:

Once you download open terminal in checkra1n folder.

Step 3:

Now just type this below command in your linux terminal this command will help you to give permission to read ,write and execute of checkra1n tool.

chmod +x checkra1n

Step 4:

Now run this checkra1n tool in your linux so type this below command in your linux termminal.

sudo ./checkra1n

Step 5:

Now you connect your phone into pc once you connect the above picture “Start” button will be enable in some case the start button not enable so you put your phone into recovery mode then you will connect.

Step 6:

Now you click the “start” button once you click these tool Time to put your device into “DFU” mode. Follow the instruction.

Step 6:

Now you press “Start” button then you will put your phone into “DFU” mode once you put it the jailbreak process will be start.

Step 7:

Once complete the jail breaking process the tool message like this below image.
Now all process are completed our phone successfully jailbreak-ed see the below image.

If you don’t have linux mean’s you will do windows. Just you follow below step’s

How to jailbreak iPhone using windows

Step 1:

First you download bootra1n tool so click this below download button.

Step 2:

Now you download “rufus” This tool help you to boot your “bootra1n” tool into your pendrive so click this below download button.

Step 3:

Now you open your “Rufus” tool into your windows. Once you open first you choose “Device=pendrive” then choose “Boot section=your bootra1n file” then choose “Partition scheme=MBR” then press “start” button

Step 4:

Now Reboot your computer and enter your BIOS’s boot menu

  • Select the flash drive, and it should boot into the login prompt
  • Log in as anon, with password voidlinux
  • At the $ prompt, enter sudo checkra1n
Now the checkra1n tool is running on your windows. you do the same procedure of linux

Happy jailbreaking!


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