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How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

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Hi guys, in this article I will show you how jailbreak your iPhone is the easiest way.

Apple, as a company, has always focused on data security and privacy, and this has made iOS more secure than ever, but it comes at the cost of imprisoning you. By editing iOS with third-party apps or tools. limited on iOS devices, and there is no other way to bring freedom back without jailbreak. This is one of the most common questions asked by iPhone users: “How do I jailbreak my iPhone?

The thing is, it’s a simple process and with the right instructions and simple steps, you can jailbreak your iPhone yourself without anyone else’s help. You can do whatever you want with your jailbroken iPhone and use it as if it were yours. … In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to jailbreak your iPhone so that you can have complete control over your iPhone while minimizing restrictions.

What is Jailbreaking?

Apple generally does not allow third-party software / unrecognized software or unsigned code to run that is not officially authorized by the company, resulting in a loss of control over your own smartphone. Unlike Android smartphones, you cannot use any application on your iPhone regardless of the version. But jailbreaking iPhone removes all restrictions from your device, and you can do whatever you want; this also includes installing third-party programs, changing the user interface, and using these services.

Jailbreaking an iPhone means installing any theme or app that you want to improve the look and feel of your iPhone. Essentially, jailbreak requires you to install an app on your iOS device that will allow you to run jailbreak apps, themes, and settings on your iPhone.

Types of Jailbreaking

In general, there are four different types of procedures for jailbreaking iOS devices.

  1. Tethered

  2. semi-tethered Jailbreak

  3. Untethered Jailbreak

  4. semi-untethered Jailbreak

1. Tethered

You can try to jailbreak your iPhone temporarily at boot time only. If you turn off your phone and restart it, you will need to re-jailbreak it using your PC. And this process will ask you to use the boot connection function. associated tool. But if you don’t re-jailbreak your iPhone, it will freeze in recovery mode.

2. semi-tethered Jailbreak

During this jailbreak, your iPhone will boot up without a patched kernel, it won’t be able to run any modified code, and will hardly work with tweak or jailbreak apps. You will have to use any jailbreak software that comes with a patched kernel.

3. Untethered Jailbreak

During the jailbreak without installation, you will be able to reboot the phone, but the kernel will still be fixed and you will still be able to use the jailbroken version even after rebooting the device.

4. semi-untethered Jailbreak

It’s a bit like the jailbreak process described above, but your iPhone will still be jailbroken after rebooting. Semi-voluntary jailbreak allows you to jailbreak your phone using only the app on your device, and you don’t need an additional computer to perform this method.

How to jailbreak iPhone?


  1. Be sure to back up your data before starting the process. If something goes wrong, you should have a backup of your data.

  2. This process, while completely safe, can damage your device, which means that your device can shut down completely, and if the process fails, it will be like a brick. If you have any problems with your device, please contact customer service.

  3. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, the warranty is no longer valid. If you want to contact the service center for support, you need to jailbreak the device to get the warranty.

  4. Last but not least, this guide is for informational purposes only and at Cashify we are not responsible for any data or device loss.

Jailbreak iPhone with mac OS

Step 1:

Connect your device to your Mac using a certified Lightning to USBA MF cable. Trust your device if necessary.

Step 2:

Download the checkra1n jailbreak utility from the official website of the checkra.in team. Please do not download this jailbreak tool from anywhere other than the official website, otherwise, it may contain malware.

Step 3:

Once the download is complete, double-click the .dmg file to open it, then drag the checkra1n application to the Applications folder on your Mac:

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 4:

Then open the Applications folder on your Mac, right-click on the checkra1n application and select the Open option.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 5:

The checkra1n GUI will open, which will automatically detect your device and firmware type. Click the Start button.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 6:

Checkra1n will want to put your device into recovery mode before proceeding. Press “Next”.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 7:

You will now need to follow the instructions on the screen to enter DFU mode. Click the Start button and do exactly what the app asks for your specific device

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 8:

After successfully entering DFU mode, checkra1n will start mining and hacking your device.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 9:

Pay attention to your iOS device and you should now see the checkra1n downloader app on your home screen. Tap on the Cydia cell, then on the Install Cydia button that appears.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

The checkra1n loader will then begin downloading the base system and installing Cydia

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

When it’s done, the app will close and Cydia will appear on your home screen. When launched, you will see a familiar interface.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Jailbreak iPhone with windows


  1. Make sure your computer runs Windows 7 or later, 32 or 64 bit.

  2. Get a USB flash drive with more than 2 GB capacity.

  3. Download checkn1x-1.0.6-amd64.iso.

  4. Download Rufus-3.1.1.exe.

Jailbreak iPhone

Step 1: Burn the checkn1x ISO file to the USB flash drive

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into your computer.

  2. After downloading the file Rufus, click Rufus to open the application.

  3. Click the “SELECT” button to find the downloaded checkn1x ISO file. Leave the other options as defaults, and then click “START”.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

4. Then a warning message will appear stating that the data on the USB stick will be formatted (back up the USB stick if necessary). Then select the “DD Picture Mode Record” option and click the “OK” button.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

5. It takes 2-3 minutes to write checkn1x ISO file to a USB stick.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

6. When the burning is complete, click the “CLOSE” button.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

Step 2: Start to Jailbreak with checkN1x

1. Reboot your computer. While the computer is powered on and loaded, press F12 (Boot Menu).

2. In the startup window, select the USB flash drive that just burned the checkn1x ISO file.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

3. After launching Checkra1n, connect your iOS device to the computer, then select the keyboard arrow key Options and press Enter to configure the jailbreak tool.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

4. On the Settings screen, select the Allow untested iOS / iPadOS / tvOS versions using the arrow key on your keyboard and press Enter to select.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

5. After selecting “Skip A11 BPR check”, press Enter to select.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

6. Then choose the Back button and press Enter to back to the main interface.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

7. After you hit the Start button, press Enter to jailbreak your iOS device.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

8. After running the checkn1x tool, connect your iOS device to your computer and you will see the connected prompt in the program. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the Home Screen option and press Enter.

How to Jailbreak iPhone step by step guide

9. To jailbreak an iOS device, CheckN1x requires your device to be in DFU mode. Select “Next” and the program will direct you to DFU mode.

10. Check the “Next” option and Checkn1x will automatically put your iOS device into recovery mode first.

11. Select the “Start” option, and then follow the instructions on Checkn1x to put your iOS device into DFU mode.

12. After your device has successfully entered DFU mode, Checkn1x will automatically unlock your device. When the unlocking process is complete, select “Done” and remove the USB flash drive.

Jailbreak iPhone with Linux

1. First, you download the checkra1n tool so click this below download button.

2. Once you download open the terminal in the checkra1n folder.

3. Now just type this below command in your Linux terminal this command will help you to permit to read, write and execute of checkra1n tool.

					chmod +x checkra1n

4. Now run this checkra1n tool in your Linux so type the below command in your Linux terminal.

					sudo ./checkra1n

5. Now you connect your phone to pc once you connect the above picture “Start” button will be enabled in some cases the start button not enable so you put your phone into recovery mode then you will connect.

6. Now you click the “start” button once you click these tools Time to put your device into “DFU” mode. Follow the instruction.

7. Now you press the “Start” button then you will put your phone into “DFU” mode once you put it the jailbreak process will be started.


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