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How to install Words-scraper Tool in linux without Error

 Hello guys in this article i’m going to show you How to scrape words from website’s & social media’s 

First of all we should know why we use this tool. This word’s scraper tool generally used to brute-force attack. we know if Get any social media or any website with brute-force attack, the password list is must. in this place this words-scraper tool helps lot. If you get any social media or website with brute-forceattack mostly you choose random password list but this tool help you to make victim related password list  


  • Linux
  • internet
  • Firefox webdriver

How to install firefox webdriver?

Step 1:

First we are going to download the Firefox webdriver package.so click this blow website link



After click this link this website show above the image. now you download firefox webdrive.
Step 2:
Now we need to extract that package. after that we will get geckodriver 

Step 3:

Now we need to give the permission of read & write and execute the geckodriver by using following command.
First open your terminal on that folder after that you will type blow the command.

chmod +x geckodriver


Step 4:
Now we move the geckodriver in our local bin folder so type the below command

sudo mv geckodriver /usr/local/bin

Yes now the geckodriver installation was completed.

How to make password list with words-scraper?

Step 1:
First we are going to clone the words-scraper package in to our directory with help of git command 

git clone https://github.com/dariusztytko/words-scraper.git

Step 2:

Now we have words-scraper folder on our directory. open that folder using this below command.

cd  words-scraper

After open the folder we are going to install the requirements of words-scraper tool so type this below command.

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Step 3:

Now we need to give the permission of read & write and execute the words-scraper by using following command.

chmod +x words-scraper.py

 Step 3:

After that you need to run the following order to run the words-scraper

python2 words-scraper.py

This above command will show all attribute explanation and how to use this tool. 


Step 4:

Now scrape words from your target website page so run the following command.

python3 words-scraper.py -o triplezero.txt ( you target website name with protocols)  



Scraping words from the target’s pages:

python3 words-scraper.py -o words.txt https://www.example.com https://blog.example.com 

Such generated words list can be used to perform online brute-force attack or for cracking password hashes:

 hashcat -m 0 hashes.txt words.txt

Use –depth option to scrape words from the linked pages as well. Optional –show-gui switch may be used to track the progress and make a quick view of the page:

python3 words-scraper.py -o words.txt –depth 1 –show-gui https://www.example.com

Generated words list can be expanded by using words-converter.py script. This script removes special chars and accents. An example Polish word źdźbło! will be transformed into the following words:

cat words.txt | python3 words-converter.py | sort -u > words2.txt

Scraping words from the target’s Twitter

Twitter page is dynamically loaded while scrolling. Use –max-scrolls option to scrape words:

python3 words-scraper.py -o words.txt –max-scrolls 300 –show-gui https://twitter.com/example.com

Scraping via Socks proxy

ssh -D 1080 -Nf {USER-HERE}@{IP-HERE} >/dev/null 2>& $ python3 words-scraper.py -o words.txt –socks-proxy https://www.example.com



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