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How to install twrp in any android devices

Hello guy’s in this article we are going to discuss about How to install twrp in android devices. some android devices block twrp installation because they need bootloader unlock such as redmi. but some device’s don’t block such as google oneplus.

Purpose of twrp?

  1. Android full backup
  2. Restoring and existing backup
  3. Flash zip files
  4. Factory reset
  5. Fix permission etx.,


  1. Windows or Linux computer.
  2. ADB and fastboot installer
  3. Usb data cable

Install TWRP:

Step 1:

First you download TWRP for your device. You can find a list of devices that are currently supported by following the link.


Step 2:

Now you download and extract adb and fastboot driver. on your linux or windows computer following link.




Step 3:

Now open your android mobile navigate to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

Step 4:

Now open your windows computer and open adb fastboot diver extract folder. move twrp.img file into adb fastboot folder.

Step 5:

Then open a CMD window inside that folder. To do that, Shift + Right click on any empty white space inside the folder and then select Open command window here.

Step 6:

Now connect your Android device to the PC. Type the following into the command window to boot your device into bootloader/fastboot mode:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 7:

Now your device boots into bootloader mode, type this into the command line.

fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.8.x.x-xxx.img

Here modify twrp.img with the name of your TWRP recovery.img file.

Step 8:

Once TWRP is successfully flashed on your device, type this final command to reboot your device

fastboot reboot

That’s it guy’s this is easy way to install twrp on you android mobile if you have any doubt’s please ask me in below command section.


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