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How to install the Gophish tool on Linux without error

Install the Gophish tool – In this article, I will show you how to install Gophish tools on our Linux machine without errors. Gophish is currently the best email phishing tool. Using this tool, you can clone any email template and spoof any email.

What is the Gophish tool?

Gophish is an open-source phishing toolkit designed for businesses and penetration testers. It provides the ability to quickly and easily set up and execute phishing engagements and security awareness training.


  1. Clone email templates

  2. Spoof email

  3. Insert phishing page

  4. Get target information

  5. Track email sending process

How to install the Gophish tool?

Step 1:

First, download the Gophish tool. so click the download button below

Step 2:

Now extract the Gophish zip file

Step 3:

Open the config.json file and edit the listen_url IP address and port number. install the gophish tool

Step 4:

Now open the terminal inside the Gophish folder and type the below command on your terminal.

					sudo apt-get install sendmail-bin

Once you install the Sendmail then start the Sendmail service with the below command.

					sudo service sendmail start

Step 5:

Then permit the Gophish file to read write and execute so type the following

					chmod +x gophish

Step 6:

Now start the Gophish tool so type the below command on your terminal. install the gophish tool

					sudo ./gophish

After that copy the admin server link to past the browser to access the web view

That’s it now log in the Gophish tool

Username: admin

Password: 06f98dd77600a72e

If you type this above username and password the Gophish tool redirects to a password reset page

After resetting the password this Gophish page will redirect to the Gophish dashboard.


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