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How to Install Metasploit Framework on Android using Termux

Hello, the guy’s In this section, I will show you how to install the Metasploit Framework on Termux. You can use it for penetration testing on Android / Windows.


  1. Android 5.0 and above

  2. Termux ( Download it from play store)

  3. About 500MB of internal storage (For proper installation)

How to install the Metasploit framework on android

Step 1:

First of all, we need to download the termux application from the google play store.

Step 2:

Now enter the following command in your Termux terminal, this command will help you update the termux and termux packages. And also wget, curl, git, OpenSSH prerequisites can be installed.

					pkg update && pkg upgrade -y && pkg install wget curl openssh git -y

Step 3:

Now type the below command on your terminal this will help you to install the Metasploit framework on android termux

					pkg update && pkg upgrade && pkg install git curl wget nmap -y && curl -LO raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/Metasploit_termux/master/metasploit.sh && chmod 777 metasploit.sh && ./metasploit.sh

It will take a few minutes (depending on your internet speed) to install Metasploit

Step 4:

After the Metasploit installation is complete, simply enter the following commands

How to Install Metasploit Framework on Android using Termux

Method 2:

If the above command doesn’t work then try the following script to install Metasploit in termux

					pkg update && pkg upgrade && pkg install curl wget git && git clone github.com/verluchie/termux-metasploit && chmod 777 termux-metasploit/install.sh && sh termux-metasploit/install.sh

Method 3:

					apt update && apt upgrade && apt install curl && curl -LO raw.githubusercontent.com/1Tech-X/Metasploit-4.16.12/master/metasploit.sh && chmod 777 metasploit.sh && sh metasploit.sh

Method 4:

In this trick, you will completely install the Metasploit package in your termux

					pkg install metasploit

How to solve the Metasploit problem

If you have facing any Metasploit running problem means just past this below code in your termux

					apt -y install git ruby ruby-dev make clang autoconf curl wget ncurses-utils \libsqlite-dev postgresql postgresql-dev libpcap-dev libffi-dev libxslt-dev pkg-config

Solve Metasploit database connection problem in termux

Open termux first and type the following command one by one

					mkdir -p $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql
initdb $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql
pg_ctl -D $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql start

After that run your Metasploit without a database error 


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