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How to install KingPhisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit

KingPhisher – Hello guy’s In this article I will teach you how to install and use the kingphisher Phishing campaign toolkit on Linux.

What is KingPhisher Toolkit?

King Phisher is a tool for testing and raising user awareness by simulating real phishing attacks. It has an easy-to-use yet highly flexible architecture that allows complete control over both email and server content. King Phisher can be used for simple awareness campaigns. training for more complex scenarios where the content used by the software is provided to collect credentials.

King Phisher should only be used in legitimate applications where expressly permitted by the target organization.


  1. Run multiple phishing campaigns simultaneously

  2. Send an email with embedded images for a more legitimate appearance

  3. Optional Two-Factor authentication

  4. Credential harvesting from landing pages

  5. SMS alerts regarding campaign status

  6. Web page cloning capabilities

  7. Integrated Sender Policy Framework (SPF) checks

  8. Geolocation of phishing visitors

  9. Send an email with calendar invitations

Advantages of kingphisher Toolkit

  1. High level of accuracy

  2. Fast in the clarification process

  3. Provide a clear idea about the effective level of each classifier

Disadvantages of kingphisher Toolkit

  1. Time-consuming

  2. A huge number of features

  3. No standard classifiers

  4. Need large email server and high memory requirement

How to install the kingphisher toolkit on Linux?

First, you type the below command to install the kingphisher tool on your Linux system

					wget -q https://github.com/securestate/king-phisher/raw/master/tools/install.sh && \sudo bash ./install.sh

This process may take more time depending upon your internet speed so keep a good internet connection

How to install KingPhisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit

Then click on the Kali Linux logo in the left corner of Linux and find the Kingphisher tool as shown in the image below.

How to install KingPhisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit

Now click the KingPhisher tool icon to run the tool

How to install KingPhisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit

How to set up kingPhisher Tool?

First, we need to start the ssh server on a Linux system so type the below command on your terminal

					sudo systemctl start ssh.service

After that check, the ssh service start or not

					sudo systemctl status ssh.service
start ssh service

Now note the ssh server IP address and port number this will help you to log in to the king phisher tool

start ssh service

Now open the king phisher tool and type the following

server: Your ssh IP address and port number

Username: your Linux username

Password: your Linux password

How to install KingPhisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit

Once you type the above details click the connect button to connect the ssh server

How to install KingPhisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit

this is all after you enter the required data to send the phishing email. I hope this article helps you a lot, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the commands section.


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